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This commando-esque movement shows he’s well on the way to fully crawling.It's easy to become so focused on what your baby eats that you forget about feeding yourself.The same team plus a third officer later on in the series are present when a mum-of-six is thrown out of a house in Biggin Hill, Kent, for non-payment of rent.In the third series, Gardiner's features are pixellated and he is referred to simply as "a back-up colleague" while travellers are turfed off a car park in Luton – but his face is briefly clearly seen when he hangs-up a court notice.When starting solids, try to offer your baby foods that you don't like yourself. It really makes me smile when I see Hannah enjoying healthy foods that I hate, such as sprouts and broccoli.

You may see him trying to pull himself along on his tummy.

But eating well is just as important as ever, now that you need plenty of energy to care for your active little one.

There's a reason why breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day.

The important thing is just to have fun exploring different flavours and textures together.

Whether you're opting for baby-led weaning, purees, or a bit of both, have fun with it, and don't put too much pressure on yourself, or your baby.

But in August 2014 Gardiner pleaded guilty at Norwich Magistrates' Court to a charge of possessing an extreme pornographic video depicting a sex act with an animal.

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