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25-Jul-2017 19:49

Robyn Exton spends a lot of time discriminating against people because of their gender – it’s crucial for her business.

The CEO of lesbian dating app Her estimates that she and her five employees – three women, two men – dedicate 15% of their time filtering the catfish out of the app’s dating pool, ensuring that its users can find each other in a completely man-free zone.

She’s dropped lots of little hints that she’s into you and you are most definitely into her. If you’re out to dinner or having cocktails and the conversation quiets, reach for her hand across the table and look her in the eye. Pick her hand up with your other hand and hold it for a moment before letting it go.

Read through these suggestions and pick one that works for you.

The idea for Her was hatched during a conversation in a London bar in 2013, Exton tells me.

At the time she was working in marketing, and had a dating service client.

The original product was a swipey, geosexual affair, with overt feminine aggression.

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If there is sexual energy between you, you’ll feel it. If she doesn’t take her eyes off you, then turn back towards her and give her a kiss. If she reaches down and puts her hand on top of yours, you’ll know for sure she’s into you.

Her initial concept was a female-only version of Grindr, the gay male dating app that took the pre-Tinder world by storm in 2011.

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