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15-Jun-2017 05:02

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It is good that I get to work with such diligent actors.""In an actress' perspective, it is most comfortable when I don't have to ask, 'Let's do this reading', and 'Let's try this scene together', when acting.I am really thankful that they made me feel comfortable.""Song Joong Ki is one year older than me and Joo Won is one year there may be some sort of love line going on too they're not related lmao but hell they do look alike I´ve always shipped Song Joong Ki with Moon Chae Won but he might date Song Hye Kyo in the future.

He is not the kind of guy to speak a lot about marriage, but judging from interviews it is clear that he has had a lot of dating experience. [ 24, -15] Song Hye Gyo always ends up dating her male co-stars...Rain in Full House, Lee Byung Hun in All In, Hyun Bin from that scriptwriter drama... looks like she'll end up dating Song Joong Ki too.. As for SHK, her image got damaged because of that tax evasion scandal...With my Yoo Seung Ho safely out of the army and back in my virtual drama land embrace, that leaves only Song Joong Ki left that I’m waiting to return triumphant from his military service stint.

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He’s still got four more months left so I haven’t been dialing up my anticipation too much yet but he was back in the news in a big way this week courtesy of his last drama costarring Lee Seung Gi and naturally got a reporter asking the typical question about which of her previous leading men she thought had the best acting chemistry with her.

Song Hye Kyo once confirmed in an interview that she is not dating the actor, but fans are not giving up. When I was a rookie, I was nervous and didn't know how to approach others, but I try to approach people a lot more now.