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07-Dec-2017 16:28

They are the increased infiltration from the North and the increased willingness of the Communist forces to stand and fight, even in large-scale engagements.

The Ia Drang River Campaign of early November is an example.


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Before giving my assessment of the situation and recommendations, I want to report that United States personnel in Vietnam are performing admirably.

There is a serious threat of inflation because of the mixture of US force build-up and “government of generals” is surviving, but not acquiring wide support or generating actions; pacification is thoroughly stalled, with no guarantee that security anywhere is [Page 592]permanent and no indications that able and willing leadership will emerge in the absence of that permanent security.

(Prime Minister estimates his government controls only 25% of the population today and reports that his pacification chief hopes to increase that to 50% two years from now.) The dramatic recent changes in the situation are on the military side.

Forgotten Nevada Assistant Director of Explorations and Staircase Stress Testing marvels at the engineering found at the old mill.

Upper right corner shows the cabin the Jungs moved into later.US killed-in-action can be expected to reach 1000 a month, and the odds are even that we will be faced in early 1967 with a “no-decision” at an even higher level.

Many public and religious buildings were built in and around the city; notably Aarhus Cathedral was initiated in the late 12th century by the influential bishop Peder Vognsen.… continue reading »

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