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The use of waterboarding to interrogate suspected terrorists is reminiscent of this procedure.measuring autonomic stress responses such as skin conductance, respiration and heart rate, blood pressure and finger temperature.The paradigm looks for exaggerated reactions to items that would be of no special significance to an innocent party.Still, the polygraph can be faked and is not acceptable in most courtrooms around the world (Lewis & Cuppari, 2009) even though it may prompt the guilty to confess., particularly hypnotics like sodium pentothal and psychedelics such as LSD.

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Of course, a baseline needs to be established using questions where the answer is known to be true or false before moving on to critical questions.

On average we lie two or three times day but few of these sinister.

Mostly they are just “white lies”, intended to spare the feelings of others - an essential part of social etiquette (c.f., the Ricky Gervais film, In Mediaeval times suspected witches who denied consorting with the devil were subjected to the flotation test.

Feminine facial features, such as soft complexion, large eyes and mouth and a happy look are judged as more trustworthy than those with macho looks such as thick, knitted eyebrows, a strong jawline and an angry aspect.

This can affect jury decisions and court sentencing quite powerfully.

In fact, they just make people more suggestible and produce “too much information”, most of it fantasy (c.f., hypnotism and torture).

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