Inconsistent fico line item data for updating

07-Nov-2017 14:10

So if system allows to update the sales order, the sales order would become inconsistent.

Since sales order is already released, system rejects such updates for the sales order.

Index Out Of Bounds Exception: Inconsistency detected.

Invalid item position 157(offset:157).state:588 at Recycler View$View For Position(Recycler at Zygote Init$Method And Args at

Recycler View$View For Position(Recycler at Zygote Init.main(Zygote at dalvik.system. Native Start.main(Native Method) Edit: The bug is fixed now, if you're still getting the same Exception, please make sure you're updating your Adapter data source only from the main thread and calling appropriate adapter notify method after it.

Linear Layout Manager$Layout Layout at Activity Thread.main(Activity at reflect. @jimmy0251 still unreolved : D i have faound a work around for this, but kindly why can't we change the list from another thread/activity/fragment and adapter can take take of it over all we are calling notify Data Set...

inconsistent fico line item data for updating-1

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Weird problem, hope that it'll be fixed soon thoug!Linear Layout Manager.scroll By(Linear Layout at Choreographer$Frame Display Event at If I waited the end of reloading without scrolling, there would be no exception since the adapter can be reinstated smoothly this time.

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