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Never look directly through binoculars or a telescope unless they are properly covered with specifically designed filters — filters that cover the front end of the binoculars or telescope and let only about one part in 100,000 through, reflecting the rest. Eclipse Phases and Eye Safety We've all learned not to touch a stove when it is on, because it is hot and we may burn ourselves. Anytime the Sun is visible, the stove is — the instant the Moon first "touches" the Sun.

To see this event, which appears as a tiny black notch in the Sun's western limb, you will need eye protection, such as safe eclipse viewing glasses or solar filters on your binoculars or telescope.

February 28, 2003 (CD) (JP) April 30, 2004 (DVD) (JP) September 22, 2006 (all-age) (JP) October 27, 2011 (Xbox 360) (JP) June 29, 2012 (Windows 7) (JP) October 25, 2012 (PS3) (JP) January 21, 2016 (PS Vita) (JP)February 24, 2006 (DVD) (JP) March 3, 2006 (CD) (JP) September 22, 2006 (all-age) (JP) October 27, 2011 (Xbox 360) (JP) June 29, 2012 (Windows 7) (JP) October 25, 2012 (PS3) (JP) January 21, 2016 (PS Vita) (JP) September 18, 2017 (PC) (WW), the gameplay in Muv-Luv follows a linear plot line, which offers pre-determined scenarios and courses of interaction, and focuses on the differing scenarios of the female main characters.

Muv-Luv was followed by a sequel, Muv-Luv Alternative , which was released for the PC on April 24, 2006 and follows the storyline of Muv-Luv Unlimited.

This was followed by a manga adaptation titled Total Eclipse by ASCII Media Works as well as an anime adaptation produced by ixtl and Satelight which began airing on July 2, 2012, and licensed by Crunchyroll., which was illustrated and featured character designs by CARNELIAN.

A contributing editor for Astronomy magazine, Stephen is an avid "eclipse chaser", having witnessed a dozen total solar eclipses dating back to 1959 (when he was 3 years old).Takeru later learns that he is in an alternate world to Extra, where aliens called BETA (an acronym for "Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race") have invaded and mankind fights back against the alien aggressors with mecha called Tactical Surface Fighters .Muv-Luv Unlimited explains that the BETA first arrived on Earth in 1973 (in China and Canada) after arriving on the Moon in 1967 and being spotted on Mars in 1958.Shueisha published a seven volume novel series based on Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative while Enterbrain published a spin-off novel series, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse in its Tech Gian magazine.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse follows a new cast of characters while retaining the setting of Muv-Luv Alternative.So some people opt to use eye protection throughout totality for fear of damaging or losing their eyesight.