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Although I heard that many saunas in Macau raised price after the destructive typhoon last summer, still the 1088 MOP entrance fee if you don't do any service (minimal 2688 MOP if you want full service) is too much for me.

Then came the little girl asked for a thigh massage.

I would like to share some interesting experience during my recent visit to Macau. However, as I didn't book a hotel and I was too tired to move to another sauna, I entered anyway.

I had a 3-day trip and decided to spend 2 nights at Saunas mainly because of the ridiculously high price of hotels during the new year holidays. After a quick shower and some light dinning, I decided to take a full body spa to relax a bit first as I didn't have proper sleep for nearly 40 hours due to jet lag. After that, I moved to the lounge area, thinking about calling out the lineups.

After I came home, I started to miss the girl constantly and really regret for not asking for her contact. I would have gone with Russian girls but they didn't look the most friendliest and enthusiastic bunch. It's my turn to say the girl was wet and came hard. What a bummer, I was looking forward to a good tumble with my Chinese princess.

I even think about calling the Sauna to ask about the girl. Went with the girl and at first she was real sweet and offering GFE but afterwards I think it was just an act to take up time. I think she and I kept the tissue industry afloat on the session alone. She did BBBJ and deep throat (awesome) plus CIM with sucking every last drop. She's 23, small pocket rocket with tattoos, small tits and has a 3 yr old kid back home. Back in the lounge I waited for another hour or so to relax and scouting the talents; instead of the 30-40 girls I saw 2 years ago I saw no more than 10-12 girls and no stunners; and was told not one single Chinese girl.

Seriously, this is the first time I met a girl who would be aroused by just touching her arm.

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So in the end, I did 20 sessions of small massages at FN Sauna without a single fuck LOL. The one thing I like here is that the service people usually tend to leave you alone whereas at other establishments they pester you for massage, ear cleaning, etc. I read many posts on this forum about guys saying girl was cumming real hard and I am always view them with skepticism. Went with the girl and at first she was real sweet and offering GFE but afterwards I think it was just an act to take up time. I think she and I kept the tissue industry afloat on the session alone. Through our chats in Cantonese & Mandarin she told me it has been very slow going for the saunas & the ladies (full service or massage); also recently there have been much less Chinese girls available, there seems to be some kind of restriction imposed to make it harder for saunas to employ them.It seems that I become famous as I entered, all the Viet girls there just looked at me and laughing, which actually made me feel great LOL. My regular screw was there, and we had to just content with a foot massage. I Checked into the president hotel next door around 4 pm on Tuesday.

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