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16-Aug-2017 13:25

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Asraf, 26 The night my girlfriend broke up with me, I got drunk outside Canteen 2 with my bros.

It was so sudden—she had blocked me on all her social media accounts, I couldn’t even call to ask her why.

Grabbing the bottle, we went to the nearby toilet and took turns into it.

When we were done, I added an extra glob of spit into it and placed it back onto the shelf.

I made sure to leave the cut-up pieces on the hangers so that nothing seemed out of place.

Now when she says she has nothing to wear, she’d actually be telling the truth.

One day, the tenant sent me a video of girls my ex-boyfriend had brought home while I was overseas.I was 18 and my blog was quite infamous among my schoolmates, so the whole school and a ‘sizeable handful’ of outsiders read the post. The few friends I confided in spread the story across the school like wildfire.